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Redemption Phase Details

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Redemption Phase Overview


Primary References: Revelation 6:1-8:6

The redemption phase covers the seal judgments in Revelation. As Jesus breaks each of the redemption theme's first four seals, He reveals a different horse and rider of the infamous four horsemen of the apocalypse. Each rider traverses the earth from its principle cities to its extreme outposts. Starting in the tribulation's earliest moments, these horsemen continue riding and afflicting the world with their plagues presumably until Jesus' return.

The first of these horsemen rides a white horse, has the implements of war without any visible ammunition, imitates the Son of God, and sets out to subdue the world. Known by many names including the beast, the son of perdition, and the antichrist, this horseman's name has a numerical value of 666. The rider's first act (and one of the few recorded in this period) is the confirmation, or strengthening, of a peace treaty with Israel (also called a treaty with death) and, specifically with Israel's religious leaders and the children of Ephraim. Israel now believes that peace and safety have finally arrived but the Bible sounds its warning: sudden destruction is coming. At roughly the same time the first horseman starts riding, two men with the power of the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Moses start witnessing against him. They reveal the plan of God, perform all sorts of miracles, and are a thorn in his side until he destroys them 3 ½ years later just prior to Jesus' heavenly coronation.

The second seal's horseman rides a red horse, carries a great sword, and brings war. The third seal's horseman rides a black horse, carries a set of balances, and brings famine. The fourth seal's horseman, the last of the apocalypse, rides a pale horse and kills the wicked. The combined efforts of these four horsemen take a tremendous toll on the earth's inhabitants. By the end of the great tribulation, they will have destroyed 25% of the world's population or 1.6 billion people (based on current estimates of a 6.4 billion people world population).

While the fourth horseman destroys the wicked, the first horseman destroys the earth's righteous who Jesus introduces when He breaks the book's fifth seal. These people are not Christians (who are safely in heaven) but are new converts who reject the antichrist. Throughout the seven-year tribulation, the antichrist wages an escalating war against both God and His people. This seal reveals just the first of the martyred saints; their deaths continue at least until the Lamb's marriage supper and probably until Jesus' return. When martyred, they arrive in heaven and receive robes washed in Jesus' blood.

The sixth seal brings a series of horrendous earthly catastrophes including: a great earthquake moving islands and mountains moved out their places, a substantial reduction of the sun and moon's light, things falling to the earth, and the sky rippling like a scroll. The situation becomes so terrifying that people flee into mountains and rocks for safety from God's wrath. The likely reason for these catastrophes is an invasion of Israel by a northern and southern alliance led by Gog and the armies of the nation containing Magog's descendants (see Genesis 10:2).

Before Jesus breaks the last seal, angels seal 144,000 Jews with the mark of God, protecting them from the remaining judgments. Twelve thousand come from each of twelve tribes of Israel, except Dan. Jesus then breaks the seventh and last seal, exposing the formerly sealed book. Before the first trumpet is blown, an angel thrusts a censor filled with the prayers of the saints down to the earth. Earthquakes, lightning, voices, and thunders afflict the earth and those on it. Probably now, just before the start of the trumpet judgments (certainly sometime early in the tribulation), the antichrist stops the daily sacrifice according to Daniel's prophecies.

Milepost 13: The Four Horsemen

Now possessing the sealed book, Jesus starts triggering tribulation's initial events by breaking the book's seals. The first four seals introduce four horsemen, who, collectively known as the four horsemen of the apocalypse, spread misery and death worldwide.

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Milepost 14: Seal 5: The Martyrs

The fifth seal introduces the tribulation's martyrs who start arriving almost immediately in the tribulation and continue arriving until at least the Lamb's marriage and possible until after Jesus' return.

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Milepost 15: Seal Six: Magog Invades

The most likely reason for the events described in Revelation's sixth seal is a catastrophic war caused by Magog's invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39).

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Milepost 16: Tribulation Ministry

Between the sixth and seventh seals, God suspends all judgments while 144,000 Jews receive the protection of His seal.

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Daily Sacrifice Stopped

A key event spoken of by Daniel is the antichrist's stopping of the daily sacrifice.

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Milepost 17: The Censor Judgment

When Jesus breaks the seventh and last seal, the earth's title deed finally lays bare and introduces the censor judgment.

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