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Milepost 32: Jews Start Fleeing (orderly)

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Milepost 32: Jews Start Fleeing (orderly)

Primary References: Revelation 12:1-6


In Genesis, the man who dreamed this dream is Joseph, one of Israel's sons. The sun and moon are Joseph's father and mother, Israel and Rachel and Genesis' eleven stars represent Joseph's eleven brothers, the other tribes of Israel. Here in Revelation, there is a crown of twelve stars, one star for each of Israel's twelve tribes, including Joseph. This crown identifies the woman as God's wife, Israel. She is pregnant and through the pains of childbirth, gives birth to a male child who rules all nations with a rod of iron. Notice the subtle distinction of this child who is a King, not a Lamb. Most view this vision as looking backwards to Jesus' birth to Mary but that child was a Lamb prepared for sacrifice, not a King. This vision is current, not past, and its placement here confirms Jesus' coronation after the seventh trumpet and sets the stage for the war in heaven.

Now the dragon, Satan, is waiting to devour the woman's child as soon as it is born. He desires to destroy the true King before He can take the throne Satan has so desperately craved these many years. In this vision, Jesus' birth is not like His first coming where He was physically born of Mary. This time the nation of Israel is in the throes of labor to produce the new King. God protects the King by taking Him out of the clutches of his enemy, placing Him on His throne, and shielding Him from attack. For the first time in Revelation, John sees Jesus on His throne. Without a doubt, He is now King.

After the vision, the woman, Israel, flees into the wilderness to a place prepared for her. This is the first of two times in this chapter where Israel flees to the wilderness. The first time, God protects them for 1260 days. The second time, God protects them for three and a half years. The first occurs prior to the war in heaven while the second occurs after the war. People start fleeing after Jesus' coronation (first time) and continue fleeing after the war (second time) until the place is sealed, protecting those inside from the dragon's wrath and leaving those outside at the mercy of the unholy trinity and the great tribulation's judgments.

The wilderness' prepared place needs to be a well-recognized destination for large numbers of people to decide independently to seek its protection. It must be prepared to handle the needs of a massive number of people for at least 1260 days, be defensible enough to withstand Satan's great tribulation attacks, and be in a desert or desolate wilderness. Isaiah 63:1-6 shows the place is in Edom, which is southeast of Israel with its most famous landmark being the ancient city of Petra. Due to the surrounding terrain, Petra is extremely difficult to reach and easy to protect. Carved out of red rock, it is so unique that it is sometimes serves as an exotic movie location for major films. Petra is the most often mentioned location possibility for Revelation's place prepared in the wilderness but Edom's permanent fires and impassable lands, courtesy of the sixth seal's war of Magog, are likely to complicate the Jew's flight to Petra's safety.