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Milepost 62: Jesus Destroys World's Armies

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Milepost 62: Jesus Destroys World's Armies

Primary References: Revelation 19:21


With the leaders of the rebellion out of the way, Jesus now focuses on destroying the remaining armies by the sword of His mouth. Jesus fights the battle, deploys His weapons, overturns kingdoms, and directs the operations of His forces. In great anger, He comes with chariots and uses fire to destroy the enemies: “For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.” (Isaiah 66:15-16, Psalms 97:3, Isaiah 33:11). Before He is done, wicked people burn like stubble (Malachi 4:1). The fire and the armies of God turn land that was like the Garden of Eden into desolate wilderness (Joel 2:3). In addition to the fire, Psalms 18:12-14 shows Jesus using hailstones, coals of fire, arrows, and lightning bolts against the rebels. Jesus directs his armies with His voice (Joel 2:11, 3:16) and as Jeremiah describes, there is obviously great power in Jesus’ utterances (Jeremiah 25:30-31). His voice sounds like a mighty roar and a shout. Everyone on the entire earth hears His voice as it discomforts and terrifies His enemies.

During this battle, Jesus repeats one of miracles seen in Joshua's battles as He commands the sun and moon to stand still until He concludes the battle (Joshua versus the Amorites in Joshua 10:11-14, Habakkuk 3:11). Zechariah 14:6-7 describes a similar phenomenon. These verses are puzzling. Are they indicating that the current day and night cycles end? Are they indicating that during this battle there is light everywhere in the world without any demarcation of night and day? In light of the example of Joshua and the clear testimony of Habakkuk, these verses are probably giving additional insights into the day standing still while Jesus finishes treading the winepress of God's wrath

The battle's results during this long day are devastating to Jesus' enemies:

  • All nations coming against Jerusalem are destroyed (Zechariah 12:9, Zephaniah 3:6, Haggai 2:22)
  • Jesus' enemies' national defenses are laid waste (Zephaniah 3:6)
  • A great calamity goes forth from nation to nation (Jeremiah 25:32)
  • A great whirlwind comes up from the coasts of the earth (Jeremiah 25:32)
  • There is great confusion on the battlefield and the warriors destroy each other (Haggai 2:22, Zechariah 14:13)
  • People in the valley flee from the noise of tumult (Isaiah 33:3)
  • The nations scatter as Jesus is lifted up (Isaiah 33:3)
  • Jesus' enemies literally flee for their lives returning to their own people and to their own lands (Isaiah 13:13-16)
  • Jesus' enemies are destroyed by the sword (Isaiah 13:9, Jeremiah 25:31)
  • Plague goes before Jesus (Habakkuk 3:5)
  • Plague consumes Jesus' enemies: their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth (Zechariah 14:12)
  • Plague consumes all animals of Jesus' enemies (Zechariah 14:15)
  • Everyone found on the battlefield will be thrust through and those seized are killed (Isaiah 13:13-16, Haggai 2:22)
  • Horse, rider, and chariot, none are spared (Psalms 76:6)
  • Jesus' enemies are tread down under the feet like ashes (Malachi 4:3)
  • The slain are found from one end of the earth to the other (Jeremiah 25:33)
  • No one laments, gathers or buries the dead, they are left as dung on the ground (Jeremiah 25:33)
  • The children of Jesus' enemies are killed in front of them (Isaiah 13:13-16)
  • The houses of Jesus' enemies are looted (Isaiah 13:13-16)
  • The wives of Jesus' enemies are raped (Isaiah 13:13-16)
  • All who live on the earth mourn (Amos 8:8)
  • The cities and streets of Jesus' enemies lie in ruins (Zephaniah 3:6)
  • The highways of Jesus' enemies are laid waste (Isaiah 33:8)
  • Fire consumes pastures and trees (Joel 1:19-20)
  • River beds are dried up (Joel 1:20)

The earth is now God's threshing floor (Isaiah 21:10) where Jesus threshes the heathen in his anger (Habakkuk 3:12). It is also the winepress of God's wrath (Revelation 19:15; Jeremiah 25:30; Joel 3:13) where the juices of the winepress of Revelation 14:17-20 overflow, coming up to the bridle of a horse and extended for over 200 miles. Jesus treads this winepress in great anger by Himself and wonders why there is none to help Him (Isaiah 63:3-6). The blood of the winepress of God's wrath now completely stains Jesus' pure white clothing (Isaiah 63:1-3). At this time, the kings of the world are captured and put into a pit until they are punished (Isaiah 14:18, 24:21-22).

Notice that other than their presence, virtually nothing has been said about Jesus' armies. There is a good reason for this. From a historical perspective, nations use armies to fight wars and occupy territory. On His return, Jesus alone fights His war. Even though His armies are quite capable of fighting, that is not their purpose - they are only here to occupy. His armies are great and strong who are powerful, righteous, glorious, and unlike any army ever seen (Joel 2:2). The number of their chariots is in the tens of thousands (Psalms 68:17) and the earth shakes before them (Joel 2:10). They climb walls like men of war, climb upon the houses, and enter windows like thieves. Each soldier maintains his path, not breaking ranks for any reason. Running like mighty men, they go wherever they want, back and forth throughout the city and on its walls. Nothing stops them or slows them down. The weapons of man do not affect them and no one is able to hurt, resist, or hide from them (Joel 2:3-9).

Jesus has single-handedly subdued God's enemies and the fighting is virtually over. The birds and beasts are in the middle of enjoying the delights of God's supper. Only one more enemy needs Jesus' immediate attention - that old serpent,Satan.