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Milestone 28: Trumpet Seven: Jesus' Coronation

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Milestone 28: Trumpet Seven: Jesus' Coronation

Primary References: Revelation 11:15-19


The seventh a trumpet brings the much anticipated and glorious coronation of Jesus Christ. The anticipation for this moment has been building from the time Jesus started claiming His rightful property, the earth, by breaking the seals of earth's title deed. Since then, the two witnesses, the Mighty Angel, and the seven trumpets continued to build it. His coronation has now arrived with all the pomp and circumstance due a great king starting with the grand and glorious seventh trumpet proudly announcing its commencement. Then great magnificent voices of unknown origin fill the heavens with their declarations of Jesus' coronation through His new position as King over all of the kingdoms of the earth. Throughout heaven, their proclamation rings out: Jesus' new title is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His reign now officially starting, will never end By the time the elders start worshiping, Jesus has already received and accepted His crown, His new title, His great power, and His new responsibilities.

Jesus' coronation is the fulfillment of Hebrews 1:8-13. God the Father transfers His kingdom to His Son, Jesus Christ and gives His Son the glory due Him as He testifies to His Son's character (loves righteousness), His nature (He is God), and His past (He laid the foundations of the earth (before Abraham was, I Am, John 8:58)). God also anoints Jesus with the oil of gladness and promises Him that there will be no end to His reign. Finally, God directs Jesus to sit at His right hand until all of Jesus' enemies have been subdued (the great tribulation's focus).

The throngs in heaven greet the coronation with praise and worship. Again, the twenty-four elders represent the saints in worshipping before God's throne. This is the fourth of five times they worship God in the book of Revelation. The five times are:

  • After the rapture
  • After the Lamb of God is deemed worthy to open the sealed book
  • After the resurrection and reward of the tribulation saints
  • After the coronation of Jesus
  • After the fall of Mystery Babylon

This time they say ‘We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.' Other translations render the last phrase ‘hast reigned' as ‘begun to reign', which is more consistent with this coronation scene. The elders first acknowledge Jesus' eternal existence before focusing on His reign when they praise Jesus for assuming His new authority (taking power).

On the earth, the reaction is markedly different as the nations are angry. Why are they angry? Primarily because they know the time of God's wrath and judgment has come. They also know the time of the dead has come, which is a cryptic way of saying that Jesus and His saints are returning to rule the earth. How do the nations know Jesus is now King? Perhaps it is the great voices in heaven announcing Jesus' coronation. Perhaps, they find out the same way Adonijah learned of Solomon's coronation, through the blowing of the coronation trumpets. There are not enough details to know for sure how the nations learn about Jesus' coronation but their reactions make it clear they understand what has transpired in heaven and how it affects them.

Psalms 2, Jesus' coronation psalm, shows the reaction of the earth's people. The people of the earth react with anger (rage) and rebellion (imagine a vain thing) and the rulers of the earth make plans to oppose Jesus and keep the new King from subjugating them. God's reaction is clear and strong: He laughs at them, He puts them in derision (a form of mockery), He speaks to them only in wrath, He plagues (vex) them in his wrath (sore pleasure), He sets Jesus on the throne in Jerusalem, and He breaks them with a rod of iron. Either the people kiss the Son or suffer His wrath but, as always, God promises blessings for those putting their trust in Jesus.

Revelation 11 shows the beginnings God's wrath for the earth's people rejecting Jesus' coronation as He promises destruction for those destroying the earth. As He destroyed the wicked of Noah's day for corrupting, defiling, and polluting the earth (Genesis 6:12), God destroys these wicked people during the great tribulation for the same reasons. Notice that it is not environmental pollution, overpopulation, or anything else destroying the earth. It is sin and only sin destroying the earth. By first purging the sin of its inhabitants, Jesus' millennial reign will demonstrate that the earth is capable of supporting far more people than currently imaginable.