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Milepost 38: The Beast Invades Egypt

Milepost 38: The Beast Invades Egypt

Primary References: Daniel 11:25-31


Sometime after the antichrist’s acquisition of power, he starts performing many of the deeds foretold by Daniel. One action having far-reaching consequences, his invasion of Egypt[1], does not appear in Revelation. This leaves its position on the prophetic timeline open to speculation. References in Daniel suggest the first of two invasions occurs after the unholy trinity has consolidated its power and before the final countdown to Armageddon kicks off with the abomination of desolation. Another possibility is this invasion is a byproduct of the sixth seal’s war but Egypt’s exclusion from the list of Magog allies discounts this possibility. His invasions of Egypt are particularly important because their effects continue well into the millennial reign.

Daniel 11 has three separate references to the kings of the south after the antichrist’s rise to power in verse 21. The first two appear to refer to two separate invasions and the last appears to be a summary repetition of the first. Daniel 11:25-28 provides the first reference to the invasion. Many of the king of the south’s army die as he attacks and overwhelms him with a great army. He loots the countries of the south and returns with great wealth. Daniel 11:29-31 gives an account of the second invasion. This second invasion fails primarily because Chittim sends ships to oppose the invasion. Chittim is modern Cyprus and is normally associated with one of the two prominent countries that have occupied and controlled it: Rome and Greece. If the ten horns are some version of the EU, then Chittim could be a subset of the EU nations. This suggests the invasion fails due to opposition internally within the antichrist’s seat of power. This opposition provokes the beast’s anger and his retaliation against the perpetrators probably leads directly to the large horn plucking the three horns. For some unknown reason, this defeat heightens the antichrist’s hatred of the covenant between God and Israel, the holy covenant. This hatred leads directly to his rejection of the covenant and the abomination of desolation.

Daniel 11:40-44 contains the last reference to the invasions. These verses suggest several battles. First, the king of the south and the king of the north suggest the Magog invasion of Israel. Then, the antichrist’s confiscation of Egypt’s gold, silver, and precious things alludes to his first invasion of Egypt while the tidings out of the north appear to allude to the failed second invasion and the destruction of the three horns. The passage ends with the antichrist’s destruction at Jesus’ hands in the battle of Armageddon.

Ezekiel 29:8-15 expends portions of several chapters (29 through 32) on the invasion of Egypt. Importantly, God punishes Egypt by the sword, not by a natural disaster or ‘an act of God’. The effects to the land and nation of Egypt are devastating:

  • The land is absolutely, completely wasted and desolated (nothing is left untouched)
  • The land if uninhabitable for 40 years by both man and beast
  • The nation of Egypt is scattered and dispersed among the nations for 40 years

When the forty years are completed, God brings them back to the land of Egypt where they will again be a nation, albeit a minor one. Never again will they be an influential power broker, lead alliances, or direct the actions of nations.

[1] Recalling that Egypt is also used as a type of the non-Jewish and /or non-Spiritual world, it is possible that these prophecies extend beyond the borders of Egypt to the world in total.