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Milepost 15: Seal Six: Magog Invades

Milepost 15: Seal Six: Magog Invades

Primary References: Revelation 6:12-17


Secondary References: Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 2:5-16, Isaiah 34


The most likely reason for the events described in Revelation's sixth seal is a catastrophic war caused by Magog's invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39). The leader of Magog, Gog, leads many nations in this attack on Israel; and, like Revelation's sixth seal judgment, God's wrath rains down from the heavens and shakes the earth. This can be seen by several clues. First is the people's reaction to the catastrophes as everyone from every class of life hides themselves in dens and mountains. On the surface, this is an odd reaction to earthquakes. Earthquake survival plans typically call for people to move out into open areas or into structurally strengthened parts of buildings (e.g., doorways). Also, the duration of earthquakes do not generally allow the large scale evacuations described here. Most people simply do not live or work close enough to any type of den or mountain to be able to get to them before the average earthquake ends. If the dens and caves are actually modern centralized underground shelters, then evacuation times become even greater issues. As seen by coastal evacuations before hurricanes, most evacuation plans require many hours and often days to organize and implement. The travel difficulties associated with active earthquakes make any evacuation during an earthquake even less likely. Typically, emergency personnel only execute evacuation plans when there is sufficient warning to get people to safety, not during the disaster itself. The fact people are in shelters in the dens and mountains (or their modern equivalent: underground bomb shelters) suggests they knew of the danger and were able to hide themselves before it came. This may also indicate something foreseeable triggers the earthquakes.

The next clue is the stars of heaven cast something to the earth in a manner consistent with a fig tree casting its unripe figs when shaken by strong winds. Recalling that the fig tree is symbolic of Israel, Israel is apparently pivotal to the sixth seal's events. The fig tree produces whatever fruit that is cast off but, since it is unripe, it is not the spiritual fruit God demands of Israel but something different. Whatever these fruits are, a mighty wind propels them great distances and through the heavens at high speeds as the Greek word for heaven, ouranos (Strong's G3772), means sky or heaven. Putting it all together, the nation of Israel casts off things they have created as mighty winds carry them shining like stars through the sky at high speeds and across long distances.

These cast-off fruits produce some significant effects when they cause heaven to depart like a scroll. The rippling like a scroll suggests shock waves of a type and magnitude unseen and unimaginable until the advent of modern nuclear weaponry. These cast-offs also move mountains and islands out of their places. If the first effect is the result of nuclear weapons exploding, then the second could also be a natural consequence of the same explosions.

The Old Testament descriptions claim that Israel burns the weapons it captures in this war for 7 years, buries the dead for 7 months, and has its oil fields in Edom burn out of control forever.